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What is Faucet

Many might wonder which is a faucet, lately the bitcoin is being accepted by people to buy goods or any other product so much so that as many local businesses or longer accept this currency as payment, then that is a faucet? These are pages that give bitcoin it is a way of promoting this currency, the more people have bitcoins more and more popular force actually take this coin given away little money and plus faucets have advertising pages which with advertising revenues keep alive the faucet, At first the little one bitcoin was worth 10mil pizza Valio bitcoin but it was up in value, even at a price of 1000 euros 1 bitcoin, currently worth about 280 euros each bitcoin but as a virtual currency the price varies and changes every minute. At present this handing Bitcoin Free Clix 500 satoshis every 320 minutes, thus must place your wallet and solve the captcha and is paid directly to We will continue to improve every day to improve our website and better rewards bitcoins

What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which was created in 2009 by a person or group with an alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin operations performed directly, without needing to call a broker, different exchange for other currencies, that means not supported No government or depends on trust in any central transmitter. But using a test system working to prevent double spending and achieve consensus among all nodes within the network. Perhaps the greatest achievement of Satoshi Nakamoto is that of having solved the problem of double spending in a decentralized system, has revealed that both economists and programmers. To prevent a single bitcoin be spent more than once by the same person (in other words, to prevent counterfeiting), the network uses what Nakamoto describes as a time server distributed which identifies and sequentially ordered transactions and prevents modification. Bitcoin is a new project and is still evolving, for this reason the creators recommend treating it as something experimental.

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A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used to exchange goods and services through a system of electronic transactions without the need for an intermediary. Unlike other attempts to electronic money, cryptocurrency incorporating the principles of cryptography to implement a secure, anonymous and decentralized economy The first criptodivisa which began operations Bitcoin was in 2009. Since then they have appeared numerous cryptocurrency and its market is growing every day. Main advantages of Cryptocurrency on fiat money Currently states determine the value of the currency through printing money. At the same time, banks create artificially money, performing loans with money they do not have. The cryptocurrency, however, have a controlled inflation because it is determined in advance the number of coins that will be created, and the speed with which this will happen.

A Little History

To finish understand why criptomonedas are creating a revolution around the world, we shall briefly review the history of money ... Originally the money was a medium of exchange that had a intrinsic value. That is, each coin was worth its weight in metal which was melted (gold, silver, etc.). Later coins lost their intrinsic value and began to melt in base metals that representing certain amount of noble metals deposited in a bank . Later, they came the bills were supported by what is commonly called gold. Each ticket had a backup certain amount of gold deposited at the central bank of a country. Until, by various factors, in 1971 the President of the United States Richard Nixon decided that the dollar was no longer convertible into gold. From the time the world economy was abandoning the gold standard, to give the fiat money whose only value is trust. Why the Criptodivisas emerge
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